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Lucy, Co-Founder Of Evolving Socially:

Luke and I founded Evolving Socially in early 2023 with a shared goal to create something of our own that would allow us to escape the 9-5 hustle and do something we both enjoy. Let me take you back to six years ago when I was at college studying film, TV, and journalism. I always knew I wanted a career in media, but I wasn’t sure which route to take. What I did know from a young age was that I wanted my own business, but I was aware that I had to gain experience first. University never appealed to me.

At 18, I landed a job as a social media manager for an amazing advertising and marketing agency in the Superyacht Industry – an opportunity I’ll forever be grateful for. I worked with various brands within Yachting to evolve their social media presence, and after a year, I was promoted to Head of Digital Marketing. Along the way, I attended luxury events and met some incredible people. I absolutely loved my job and the people I worked with. However, I still had the urge to start my own business, and with times changing quickly in the digital world, I knew that if I didn’t take the leap then, I probably never would have.

My Co-Founder and I, Luke, had always wanted to start something together. Over the past few years, he taught himself everything he knows about content creation. With the digital era constantly evolving, Luke saw the shift away from intrusive advertising, towards the creation of authentic online communities through content curation and collaborative storytelling. This is where his skills truly shine. 

Working in the luxury sector for a few years, we’ve seen the evolution of marketing and the direction that luxury brands are taking with their approach to social media. Superyachts are now creating their own social media profiles to directly sell yacht charters to their audiences, luxury villas are doing the same by leveraging influencer marketing and the world’s most recognised fashion brands are showcasing their behind the scenes content. Brands are shifting their focus towards authentic engagement and meaningful connections with their target audience.

So, in a bid to help luxury brands socially evolve in this new digital era, we founded Evolving Socially. Through our skill sets, knowledge and connections, we can offer luxury brands a variety of social media marketing services from social media management to content creation and consultancy services. With the addition of being able to support you with copywriting, website design and graphics/branding. 

If you’re a luxury brand that’s looking to socially evolve, request a call today and let’s have a chat – 

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